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Saleable Plants in Pots

De Kuil Nurseries was a member of the Kolff Plants Group, they have alsways specialised in quality evergreen shrubs, but they've recently expanded they open ground growing. As De Kuil Hedging their focus is now growing a wide range of hig-end hedging material in root ball and containers, 

Container Grown PlantsContainer Grown Plants

Container Grown Plants

Floribras is one of Holland’s leading Rhododendron and Skimmia growers. The nursery produces in excess of 200,000 ericaceous plants a year on 12ha of container fields in Zundert, near the Belgian border. Customers can choose from 40 Rhodo varieties, including dwarfs and yakushimanum cvs. and  a carefully chosen range of Magnolias and Camellias.  >All their plants are of garden-centre quality and can be supplied with colour photo-labels and on CC trolleys if required. 


Floribras' Skimmia crop is also top retail quality and we advise ordering early in the autumn to avoid disappointment.

Plants are produced in 2.5, 3, 7.5 & 10L with reliable flower counts and shipped at their best on CC trolleys. 

Container Grown Plants


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