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Grasses & Perennials

Griffioen Wassenaar is one of the leading herbaceous nurseries in the Netherlands

They grow primarily for the garden centre market and all their plants are produced in distinctive, 1L royal blue pots.This size produces a strong, chunky plants which is ideal for cost-effective landscape planting or for potting on into 2 or 3 litre.

Van Riel nursery also grows mainly for the garden centre market and their top quality selection of these very fashionable plants in 3 and 5L is always in strong demand. 

Batch production at bthe nursery means that they can offer an excellent selection of visually attractive material throughout the year.

Delivery is on CC  trollies and large, bespoke colour photo labels are available for the entire range.

Carex morrowii Ice Dance-w10 va etik.JPGLiriope muscari Goldbanded C2-w03 va etiket (Kopie).JPG

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