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Italian Specimen Plants

Baldi Vivai

  • Stunning conifers and shrubs for instant impact at 2 to 6 metres and beyond
  • Topiary shapes and figures to add formal elegance or imagination and humour - from Cones and Spirals, to Cloud Trees and Racing cars
  • An eye-catching collection of specimens in 10 &15L containers - Agaves, Acers, Grasses, Phormiums, Hibiscus, Bamboos, Trachelospermum and many more
Italian Specimen PlantsItalian Specimen Plants

More realistic AV lists -

  • Instead of a glossy catalogue, you get accurate, regularly up-dated availability lists via the web or on memory stick
  • The list contain current photos of every line- you see the actual plants you’ll receive


Italian Specimen PlantsContainer Grown Plants

Sharper prices -

  • With 40ha of open ground production, Baldi is a major supplier to many of the big exporting nurseries in Pistoia. Which means when you buy from Baldi, you definitely buy direct from the grower and at a competitive price.


More attention to detail -

Italian Specimen Plants
  • Your usual Kolff Plants contact will help organize your buying trip, advise on plant selection, quality-control your order, progress-check your shipments and snag any problems
  • Baldi grows over 260k specimen plants a year, in some 200 varieties, but they also have at your disposal quite a network of suppliers in the area. If it’s grown in Pistoia, Baldi will probably be able to find it for you!

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