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Pleached & Shaped Trees

The Van Roessel nursery in Berkel-Enschot, South Holland, is run by a father and son team who share a passion for shaped decidous trees.

They grow an extensive range of pleached trees, box head (box-pleached) hornbeam or beech, screens, stilt hedges, espaliers and roof trees (table top trees), as well as small numbers of top quality multi-stems and one-off, unusual topiary pieces.

Traditionally a feature of larger estate gardens, formally trained trees are attaining increasing popularity. They can be used to give architectural impact, extend the height of a wall or fence or to achieve privacy and they really are the ultimate in ‘instant’ landscaping. The nursery of Thijs van Roessel has been growing an astonishing range of shapes and varieties since the 1970s. On 10ha of superb quality production near Tilburg, they grow a wide range of styles, from traditional pleaches and box-heads to the more exotic ‘roof shapes’ and ‘screens’ and with over 30 years experience in this type of material, they’re still experimenting! The nursery lists over 60 vareties in 30 or so different forms - from rooftrees to pleaches, from hedge-screens to cubes-heads and many more. We are delighed to be able to offer Kolff customers direct access to superb material. 


It's an inspiring nursery and well worth a visit to see what they have to offer.

Click here to download the Catalog Van Roessel Vormbomen 2011

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